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Digital transformation in the education sector has arrived
Today's student, (mostly) young and highly connected, has grown up online. They use digital to research, review and select their preferred educational choice and expect the same levels of technology from their education providers as in their day-to-day lives.

Australia's education sector is undergoing a period of sustained and unprecedented change. The opportunity is here to improve educational outcomes for your students, update workflows that might have remained unchanged for years, and deliver new digital systems that are responsive, intuitive to use and can quickly evolve to match your changing requirements.

Here at Interesting, we help education providers to design and implement new digital strategies that improve the student experience and improve your business processes. We design and implement new ways to:

  • Nurture and progress prospective students from enquiry to application
  • Connect your course offerings with educational pathways and career opportunities
  • Provide intuitive online enrolment processes, course and subject selection, and real-time class schedules and timetables
  • Securely capture and manage student data that includes educational performance and areas of interest to help provide future learning opportunities
  • Support business process and improve operational efficiency

Education is one of Australia's largest exports. Competing for the attention of Australian and international students in this growing and competitive market means that the need for a focused digital strategy that is mobile friendly and embraces new technologies has never been more important.

Transform your digital education business
Digital transformation in education has arrived. Interesting will help you maximise student recruitment, accelerate your digital marketing, modernise your digital customer experience, create new digital education products and transform existing services to digital. Start delivering a world-class digital education experience and turn your students into lifelong learning partners.

By exploring and identifying your customers' behaviour, you will be able to map the full customer journey and fully understand their perspective. Creating a customer experience strategy will provide the ideas and approach to improve your customer experience.