The life-long learning
partner of choice

With a strong focus on continued growth, a call was made mid-2018 to relaunch Upskilled with a new brand and website.

At a glance

Upskilled, a leading Registered Training Organisation (RTO), specialising in online training has built a strong position in the online education market. The quality, scope and breadth of their courses, personalised and common sense approach to student interactions, and flexibility in the way students can pay and learn had resonated with an online audience who were looking for new ways to develop their skills, get a promotion or change careers.

The original Upskilled site launched in 2012 required significant maintenance and investment. The stability of the Salesforce integration, performance of the internal search engine and outdated site structure meant that usability and compliance were a problem. Also, the Upskilled business model had seen change with the business now focusing on four key revenue streams; fee for service, group training, government funded and short accredited and non-accredited courses.

Unable to scale for their future growth plans, a call was made mid-2018 to relaunch with a new brand and website.

The hard work put towards delivering a 1000+ page site in the time frame we had, and to such a high standard has been a real achievement. Interesting, went above and beyond to ensure the website was delivered to the requirements and launched on-time.
Michael Crump
General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Relations at Upskilled

How we helped

With a new simplified site structure, lightweight, responsive web templates, brand new infrastructure and fully integrated Salesforce solution, Upskilled is now set-up to:

  • Ensure visibility and easy access to Upskilled's considerable course offering
  • Deliver a higher number of qualified leads to the Upskilled Education Advisors
  • Highlight the new brand position
  • Enable onsite content to drive SEO
  • Ensure SkillsTalk, the Upskilled blog, which had seen significant growth in organic traffic over the previous 12 months maintained traffic levels during the transition to help increase brand awareness and lead generation.

Delivered using the Kentico V11 Content Management System, selected due to the enterprise level out-of-the-box content management, workflow and online form functionality, Interesting was able to move at speed allowing Upskilled to launch against an aggressive timeline with a feature-rich website.

The site has been deployed into Microsoft Azure hosting leveraging cost-saving and best practices including continuous deployment strategy made possible by the Kentico Content staging functionality.


  • Discovery
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Content Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Analytics
  • Ongoing optimisation


Upskilled see this opportunity as an essential step toward being the life-long learning partner of choice for their students by enabling them to use education as a way to achieve a more rewarding life.

The new website, launched in December 2018, has seen immediate benefits. The reduction in ongoing maintenance costs, plus the faster development and deployment of new features means efforts are now directed towards increasing conversion and optimising the site experience.

Mobile first methodologies used to create new web templates have improved page speed, and SEO with course landing page templates seeing a 300% increase in conversions. Combined with the new simplified site structure that focuses on connecting qualifications, industry sectors and careers outcomes that has seen new behavioural patterns resulting in a 150% increase in pages views, Upskilled is already meeting pre-launch objectives.

Importantly, the increased capability and stability of the Kentico CMS platform have allowed Upskilled to fully integrate their Salesforce data creating a single source of truth, critical to the Upskilled Sales team as they rely on compliant and accurate information and data.

Built with...

  • Powered by Kentico
  • Salesforce
  • Azure
  • Google analytics