Tristan O'Shannassy
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tristan is the positive, can-do, problem solving, calm presence in the room.

With an extensive technical background, Tristan O'Shannassy (BIT, ANU) has been the Technical Lead on a scale and size of projects that would have most running for cover. A true digital heavyweight, his honest and no-nonsense approach to requirements ensures that organisations such as the Australian Trade Commission, Real Insurance, NSW Business Chamber and Sanitarium have successfully re-platformed and re-launched significant new digital offerings.

In recent years Tristan has redirected his focus on the role of MD at Interesting, this has helped ensure the continued growth of Interesting as a digital agency and the expansion into new ventures, Interesting Fitness and Inhabit Place.

Henry Tait
Co-Founder and Technical Director

Co-Founder and Technical Director of Interesting, Henry has built just about every type of digital 'thing' you can think of.

Bespoke or enterprise platform? Publishing, e-commerce or social campaign? There isn't a technical solution he hasn't conceived or developed for. A passionate believer in the simplicity and scalability of code, Henry Tait (BSc, BEng, ANU) or 'Mossy' to his friends, is the innovative and technical heart of Interesting.

He also helped create one of the first digital departments within a traditional London ad agency, so knows a thing or two about the demanding nature of the creative process- a valuable skill he still uses today as he helps his clients and partners develop their next digital challenge.