Adobes end of life announcement for Business Catalyst key takeaways:

  • Adobe will stop hosting sites on Business Catalyst as of March 26th, 2021.
  • You can not upgrade your site after 27th August 2018 - You are now unsupported.
  • All data will be removed from the Business Catalyst infrastructure and sites become unavailable for the public 26th March 2021.

Make things better
It's time to figure out your stakeholders and prioritise their requirements to ensure you avoid over-buying and are able to incorporate all your business needs while minimising limitations.

We can help you navigate well-known platforms like WordPress and Drupal, make a move to enterprise level solution such as Kentico or Sitecore, or help you understand you U-commerce's & Magento's when selecting a new e-commerce platform.

4 key points to remember:

  • Start planning now. There are currently +10,000 Adobe Business Catalyst websites with the “” domain extension.
  • When looking for an Adobe Business Catalyst alternative, remember it is not easy to migrate away from. Your website will require a partial or full website rebuild on an alternative CMS platform.
  • Download all your website data and EMS data. Not all historical data will be available (welcome to SaaS world)
  • See this an opportunity to advance into a new generation of website technology. Your customers and employees will thank you.
... this an opportunity to advance into a new generation of website technology. Your customers and employees will thank you.

Sales & Marketing

Your brand and promotional websites support a series of landing page experiences that help you capture user data via engaging content that targets key personas.

Email and social marketing are essential to drive traffic. New leads integrate directly with your CRM to help support your sales team. Speed to market, data capture, interactive content and analytics are all critical to your success.

You are looking for a cost efficient Adobe Business Catalyst replacement that will allow you to refresh the website user experience, develop new content that helps SEO, and update page templates to be fast, responsive and optimised for the web.

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Technology leads

You look after a multi-site ecosystem with shared content libraries, multiple integration points (CRM/EMS/LMS/API) and lives on the cloud. You likely have customer support data and employee portals that sit within a secure environment.

You are looking for a robust Adobe Business Catalyst alternative with a modern and simplified user admin area that improves performance, provides process improvements and enable digital transformation opportunities.

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Online retailers

You run a multi SKU e-commerce website with a conversion funnel you have painstaking optimised over many years. Product browse and detail pages drive users through to a secure checkout area while a style blog helps drive traffic and build SEO.

Secure customer data and payment gateways are critical as is your integration with other marketplaces and inventory systems.

You want to move off Adobe Business Catalyst without impact audience or conversion.

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