Kentico CMS

Interesting offer a range of professional content managed packages based on the Kentico CMS system. The Kentico CMS is a full-featured ASP.NET content management system that allows clients to maintain complete control over their websites. As a Kentico Gold Certified Partner, Interesting has delivered numerous CMS web sites of varying complexity in rapid timeframes. Interesting would be happy to preform a Kentico CMS review on your existing site to determine if Kentico is a good fit for you.

Kentico is an excellent cms package. It has advanced security features and supports both Forms and Windows authentication. Security can be managed in classes or ‘roles’ of users. Additionally, individual users can be granted access to particular modules or page sections, allowing complete flexibility and control.
With a multitude of different, convenient plug-in modules available, Interesting's CMS sites can utilise features such as;
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Event Calendars
  • Image Galleries
  • Newsletters, and
  • Interactive Forms
  • Kentico templates
Interesting's competencies in content management include the development of custom tailored CMS packages as well as the customisation of flexible, commercial grade products such as Microsoft Sharepoint.

Kentico Gold Certified partner
Whether you need to build a corporate website, on-line store or community site, the Kentico CMS package has all features that you need:

Easy-to-use editor
International Support
Advanced Security
Rapid Development
Open API and Extensibility
Easy Deployment and Content Staging
Friendly URLs and SEO
Full-text Search
Web Analytics
Content Rating
Taxonomy (Tags and Categories)
Media Library
Event Calendar and Booking System
Image Gallery
On-line Forms
Message Boards
Private Messaging

For more information on the Kentico system please visit the Kentico website at or refer to the Kentico product summary PDF

Kentico Marketplace:

Interesting feels that the Kentico CMS is an excellent solution and is actively working to help keep it one of the best CMSs on the market. The follow components have been developed by Interesting and placed on the Kentico marketplace.

Cross browser upgrade for the inheritable region control
SEO Optimisation: ViewState
Predictive Search With Image Preview

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