Make things better.

We are an independent technology and design studio based in Sydney, Australia.

We create successful and rewarding digital products and brand experiences that help organisations to innovate, grow and bring new ideas to life.

In 2004 when we started out, technology - and development - was our core focus. Over the last decade, we have delivered complex, robust technology solutions for clients like Westpac, Real Insurance, the NSW Business Chamber and Weet-bix.

Today, we have matched this deep technical expertise with extensive user experience knowledge and creative insight - to make the complex, simple. And make the everyday digital things we use, better.

We work as a trusted partner with some of Australia's most famous brands, and best creative agencies. We have also applied an evolved studio model so we can help and partner with progressive and early stage startups.

We turn good ideas into great experiences. We are a diverse, bright and inquisitive team of digital experts who are passionate about creating beautiful, easy to use and highly effective digital products and services.

We specialise in:

Technology, design, user experience, content strategy, interaction, prototyping, creativity, product development, emerging platforms, ecommerce, CMS, bespoke web development.

Interesting is the great motivator, and experience never trumps curiosity

Tristan O'Shannassy Founding Partner and CEO.

Positive and calm, he is the problem solving presence in the room.

Photo of Tristan O'Shannassy

With his extensive development background, Tristan O'Shannassy (BIT, ANU) has been a technical lead on projects that have most developers running for cover. A true digital heavyweight, his honest and calm, no-nonsense approach to project planning, requirements and delivery ensures he always gets results. Tristan has helped organisations such as the Australian Tax Office and Australian Trade Commission to successfully re-platform and re-launch a range of digital offerings.

He was the technical project lead for Real Insurance - helping them re-imagine their technical architecture and create a new online insurance quote solution from the ground up. The solution took Real Insurance from being a new player in the Australian market to one of the top national insurance providers.

Henry Tait Founding Partner and Tech Director.

Has built every type of digital thing you can think of.

Photo of Henry Tait

Whether you're looking for a bespoke or enterprise platform, a publishing engine or a custom corporate website, Henry, or Mossy to his friends, can help. There isn't a technical solution he hasn't conceived or developed. He also helped create one of the first digital departments within a traditional London ad agency, so knows a thing or two about the demanding nature of the creative process.

A passionate believer in the simplicity and scalability of code, Henry (BSc, BEng, ANU) is the innovative and technical heart of Interesting.

Chris Jones Partner and Creative Director.

Enjoying all the invention and discovery that digital can offer.

Photo of Chris Jones

With a talent for refining an idea and making it a reality, Chris has considerable digital experience - both here in Australia, USA and in the U.K.

He has been lucky enough to help some of the world's most famous brands produce new thinking, stories, interactions and digital products that have helped them achieve deeper, insightful and meaningful engagement with their customers.

Chris helped create Oxfam Unwrapped, the disruptive e-commerce charity initiative; an award-winning virtual car showroom website for Audi; and the Webby winning Google Chrome Experiment created for the National Parks Foundation, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of American activist Martin Luther King, Jr.